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Biographical information
Reeshov 23 Nomad
Physical description
Tiefling Female 5'7'' ENOUGH Red Yellow Blue
Political information
Reesh Reckoner
Out-of-character information
Kasim Areth 5/2/2020

Kala is a young Tiefling born in the far reaches of the Underdark.

Not much is known about the young woman's past nor her parentage. She does not give a great many details about who she was once, nor how she managed to gather any of the skill she currently carries.

The only things that that are even somewhat commonly known about Kala is her current occupation as a Thief, that her magic entails the use of odd 'summoning' cards, and the fact that she is a member of the gang known as the Reesh Reckoners.

Though there are scant few details of even this, some within the Underdark are aware that the Reesh Reckoners are less of a gang, and more of a loose affiliation.

The people who make up this association are not necessarily friends, allies, or even on good terms with one another. Instead the 'gang' functions almost as a pact of vengeance. Each and every member of the Reesh are branded with a powerful piece of Rune Magic. When someone with the mark dies, each member of the Reesh are compelled to avenge their death.

It was in this way that the Reckoners earned their name.

The mark also prevents any member of the Reesh from attacking or even harming another. These compulsions are so powerful that no member of the gang has been able to break it.

Despite this, the Reesh Reckoners generally do not consider one another friends. They are still thieves and murderers, and though the mark allows for a little more trust...it is still difficult to truly work together.

Though it is unknown when Kala join the Reckoners, she wears the mark more openly than others and uses it to often push her boundaries in the Underdark.


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