Kaelen Silverblood


Basic Details

  • * Name:Kaelen SIlverblood
    * Species: Human
    * Age: 27
    * Height: 6'4 (183 m)
    * Weight: 215lbs (97.5 kg)
    * Hair: Silvery gray
    * Eyes: Silvery gray
    * Skin: Pale to lightly tanned

Personal Details

  • * Occupation: Swordsman; Diplomat; Soldier
    * Place of Birth: Silverhearth, Mystmarch
    * Affiliation: Silverblood Family; Mystmarch Vanguard; Mystmarch Nobility
    * Home: Siverhearth Keep; the road
    * Aliases: The Undaunted; The Silver Knight


A mystery presents itself to people when they first look upon Kaelen. It is obvious that he is human, but things become a bit murky from there. For one thing he stands tall for his kind with a naturally broad build. Thick, well toned muscles lay beneath his armor and clothes. His face is free of any kind of wrinkle or blemish, aside from a scar over his right eye, with a scruffy beard and shoulder length hair held back in either a short pony tail or braid. His hair, however, is gray which normally indicates someone of age. He is clearly no more than three decades at most in age. His gray eyes as well contain that spark that only those still in the first half of their life have. Several scars of various sizes, shapes, and origins cover his body that tell of a hard life of fighting. His hands contain the callouses of one that regularly handles a sword but also the signs of one that regularly hands paper and pen as well.

These details mean Kaelen often looks like a middle aged man from a distance but a young one up close. That is odd enough but both his hair and eyes contain a silvery sheen to them as if the precious metal was used to make those parts. His blood as well contains a silvery sheen to go with the normal red most humans bleed. How this is possible for an otherwise normal human is up to the imagination of those who see Kaelen.

Kaelen prefers armor and travel clothing if given the choice, but is no stranger to the exquisite garb of nobility and the wealthy. When wearing clothing, no matter if for travel or majestic balls, he often wears clothes that are colored dark blue and gray which are the colors of his family's noble house. In armor, he will wear a cloak and tabard that contain these colors as well. Any jewelry he wears will be made of silver with intricate designs carved into them containing a precious gem or several.

Skills and Abilities

Combat: A natural talent honed with training and experience, Kaelen is no stranger to combat. Put a weapon in his hand, especially a sword, and he will feel right at home. Be it a duel or a skirmish, he is comfortable and competent at handling himself. This however does not extend to bows. He is worse than a novice with one in hand and often has trouble when going up solo against an opponent competent with the weapon.

Silverblood: Kaelen is one of the rare few in his family that has inherited the strange qualities that gave rise to their name. They say silver runs through his veins and has passed onto him several traits. He is highly resistant to darker magics, resistant to diseases, a natural affinity for magic, and resistant to mental attacks. His blood also is toxic to werebeasts and burns the undead. These traits are enviable, but only the members of the Silverblood family understand how much of a curse it truly is. Kaelen feels emotions, all of them, more strongly than others. It is hard for him to keep his emotions in check so it is impossible for him to keep his composure. Emotional stress gets to him sooner. Most of his ancestors that inherited the Silverblood before him took their own lives or died horribly in battle before reaching mid life.

Magic: Kaelen has access to magic to go with his skill of sword. He can use rune magic and storm magic. Thanks to his days in the college of Stormhold, he knows how to read and shape runes. His skill with this magic is more in reading than in shaping however. His storm magic is available to him thanks to the Mystmarch God of Storms. He is able to create mist, produce lightning, chill the air, and call storms into existence. All of this magic comes with the cost of his physical stamina however and prayers of thanks to the Storm God either before or after his uses of it. If he does not pray then the God will strike him with lightning or catch him in a savage storm with no shelter to save him from it.

Learned: While Kaelen has his faults, no one can say he isn't intelligent. He learned much from the college of Stormhold. While his knowledge might not be extensive or completely accurate due to Mystmarch's relative isolation, he does know enough to work out the rest. Included in this knowledge is how to read and write in runes, common, elvish, and dwarvish. He also has a passable knowledge in economics and administration.

Emotional: Kaelen is an emotion driven person. This manifests itself many different ways. He is very driven and nearly unbreakable when he sets his mind on something. He is also quick to anger, which usually ends in him taking a swing at someone. He is also unable to stop himself from flirting with any female that is attractive enough to catch his interest. Because of all of this he can be either an indomitable force or an easily manipulated fool depending on the circumstances.


At first Kaelen comes across as an easy going human with a lust for life. This is true for when Kaelen is calm. He has a naturally caring heart and gives his all to those he cares for. There is nothing he is not willing to risk if he can help his loved ones. His courage is seemingly endless as he often will run through hellfire to see his task done.

When Kaelen is stressed out however he can become a rather angry or depressed person. Violence to others or himself can often arrive in these moments of rage and melancholy. While his naturally caring and loving nature always wins out over these traits with those he cares for, those traits are utterly lacking with those he doesn't.

Kaelen is a natural flirt. He can not stop himself from hitting on and flirting with attractive females. Race is not taken into much consideration so long as they are pleasing to look at and have the appropriate parts. He will hit on a female orc or giantess as quickly as he will on a female elf or human.

Biography & Lore

Being born as a son to the head of a noble family, Kaelen should have had an easy life. This was not the case however as not only was he born as the unneeded third son but also with the rare Silverblood trait that his family was named after. He grew up in Silverhearth Keep being given as little attention and resources from his father as possible. He was left to his own devised often as child. This lead to him associating with the local commoner, knights, and soldiers. He got into plenty of fights and was taught how to fight from an early age.

When Kaelen reached adolescence, his father began to put a lot of energy into finding some way to get his rapidly growing son off his hands. Becoming a sire, sent to the priesthood, and even the military was all considered, but Kaelen eventually convinced his father to send him instead to the College of Stormhold. There he learned many new languages, about his magic and how to utilize it, and topics such economics and military tactics.

Kaelen's father did not provide him with more coin than was required for his tuition, food, board, and materials for study. So to afford new clothing and just enjoy a more comfortable life, Kaelen began look for sources of income. He took on odd jobs for professors at first, but that did not get him much. Gambling was his next area to try to make coin, but he quickly realized the games of chance were always rigged in the host's favor. His solution finally presented itself however when a tournament was announced near Stormhold. He entered into it and began to earn himself coin competing. He began to make a name for himself as the Silver Knight due to his hair, eyes, and family name. It was during a duel with the man said to be the best swordsman in the Storm Isles that Kaelen got the scar over his right eye when he fell for a feint and didn't dodge the blow as well as he should have.

College came to and end when Kaelen was twenty years of age and he graduated. This was not as joyous of an occasion as it should have been for him however because he now found himself with no direction to follow. His father also told him he had a year to find a way to support himself because after he would be cut off from the family coffers. He could have gone into the tournament scene fully, which many people expected of him, but instead a new opportunity presented itself. The High King of Mystmarch announced he was going to recruit for a campaign to the mainland. They were going to sell themselves out as mercenaries for coin and diplomatic favors. Kaelen jumped on the chance to leave the isles.

For the next six years Kaelen spent his time fighting in the vanguard of the Mystmarch mercenary army. During this time he earned a reputation as a fearless fighter. After going through a particularly rough battle, Kaelen began to be called the Undaunted for holding a strategic position until reinforcements arrived that anyone else would have abandoned. The Mystmarch coffers were filled and many diplomatic opportunities were now open with the mainlands. The High King recalled most of the armies back home, but Kaelen was offered the chance to continue to hire him and his men out as mercenaries in the Mystmarch's name so long as he also acted as an official diplomat. He took the offer up and began to travel around to speak with whomever he was ordered to by the Mystmarch council.


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