Joia Three Fingers

Joia Three Fingers

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It is joked that Joia's skin is so dark that she could blend into the night and among the shadows. She tends to wear dark clothing to suit such an endeavor, for she prefers to be in the background, watching, observing, from a distance. Her attire is a patchwork of leather jerkins, a muslin blouse, well-worn boots, and a dark black hooded cloak. Her dark, thick hair on its own is a curly mess, which is why the experience has taught the half-elf to braid it in eight thick plaits tight against her scalp. What bit of loot found and taken resulted in modest brass cuffs of decoration amidst her braids.

She regularly wore a belt with more pockets and pouches than one could imagine one would have. But they held bits and bobs most would consider equally disgusting and strange; bits of hair, dried flesh, bones, ochre powder, salt, and sea glass. Along her neck was a leather strip with pale yellow knucklebones; her own from the pinky and ring finger she'd lost on her right hand.

Being amongst the dregs of Emeralds, a good bath might do her some good, but seeing as their kind rarely are afforded such luxuries, a thin layer of sweat, grime, and oil seem to be stuck to her. Not that she minds; if everyone smells like sweat and musk, no one will care. Nothing some burning sage and woodsmoke can't fix.

Skills and Abilities

Joia is the typical stands in the shadows flanker magic user, only that her magic is drawn upon a patchwork of audible spells and tributes she collects from her baubles, bits, and anything she can find around her. This has the potential of backfiring on her, as some of her spells are ad hoc created, paying the price by either blood magic or what have you around her. There are some tried and true spells she's managed to grasp, all learned by personal experience and more than a few blood lettings and hoodoo magic. These she follows a set of preparation, invocation, possession, and farewell to whatever sort of entities she invokes assistance from. Some are cast by being sung, others are focused by a touchstone. Regardless, a price must be paid each and every single time. Failure to do so would result in a lash back of magic against Joia, much like when she lost her two fingers on her right hand.

Sleight of hand, dirty tricks, the deftness of foot, and agility, Joia could quickly and subtly move when needed, more so in shadows and the dark. Her half-elf traits from the dark elves allow her to be lighter on her feet, but also more vulnerable in endurance than her human half. Low-vision ability allows her to see better in the dark, as does her knack of being able to discern traps to disarm.

Joia prefers to stick to the sidelines. The loss of her fingers resulted in having to learn at a young age how to use her left as her primary hand, and now she can deftly use a dagger should she need it. While a normal bow and arrow are difficult for her to use, a previous job with the Emeralds saw fit to provide Joia with the bounty of a rare crossbow. This was easier for her to use and she could snap on additional arrows up to five when needed. Her necessity at having to learn how to use her left hand and her three fingers required her to learn how to throw knives with both hands, able to deal silently and quickly with her blades.

Odd bits
Her gutter mage antics allow her to through experimentation figure out how to use wild herbs and create her own tonics. Some heal, some poison, while others just bring some relief from all the stink or purge ones belly of its contents. This allows her to concoct her own brew of botanicals and backwoods fermentation to drink. Be careful, as with anything Joia makes, chances are one would regret partaking the drink. That is unless one enjoys getting utterly shitfaced.


Joia is a statuesque, dark, no-nonsense quiet type -- unless one knows her well. Then she can be sassy, snarky, and prone to deadpan jokes. She has a thick accent, with a guttural rasp that one could feel scrape down the spine. She can be superstitious, which does result in some odd traditions and precautions with touchstones and interactions. She is hard to place her trust in others, wary until experience and actions prove their worth. While loyal to the Emeralds, she is more apt to care what Gella Rerra thinks or says than the others. This is why Joia has a tendency of following Gella's orders blindly. Should he tell her to kill someone, she would, with no hesitation. This isn’t to say she won’t talk back or speak her mind in private. Their childhood history and Joia’s loyalty provided her a measure of agency with the Emerald leader. This didn’t mean, of course, that she’d get away with everything.

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