Jett Alistair

Jett Alistair

Biographical information
Unknown 18 Constantly moving and traveling
Physical description
Elf Female 5'4'' 180 Red Green White
Political information
Out-of-character information


Jett has long red hair that usually falls in loose waves, mossy green eyes, creamy white skin with freckles sprinkled on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She is of average height and lightweight.

Skills and Abilities

-Hunting with a bow or occasionally with throwing knives
-Identifying herbs and other flora


Jett has no problem killing an animal, but she thanks the spirit of the animal for sacrificing its life every time she makes a kill. She never kills people though, she believes in solving disputes with words, or, if she must act in self defense, she uses the most non-lethal option. She is witty, independant, cunning, and proud, but she does have a soft, sensitive, caring side if you get to know her. If you earn Jetts trust she will go to the ends of the earth for you, but if you betray her there is little hope of forgiveness.

Biography & Lore

Jett grew up with her father, Callum Alistair, after her mother died in childbirth. She is an only child, and it was just her and her father until he died at age 46, Jett was 13 at the time. Since the death of her father, Jett learned to live off of the forest. Her father had taught her how to use a bow an arrow at an early age, Jett hunted mostly small game for a while before she learned how to hunt deer and other large animals. She sold her extra game and herbs and saved up to buy a horse which she then named Athena. After she got Athena she decided to sell her childhood home and spend time traveling, she was 17 at the time. She currently hunts and gathers herbs while she travels, selling or trading them when she stops in towns or villages.

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