Ione Xanchoir

Ione Xanchoir

Biographical information
Alliria 16 Fal’Addas
Physical description
Human Female 5'8" 117 lbs. Dark Brown Dark Green Light Tan
Political information
The Greater Good Wanderer
Out-of-character information
Arinalle 09.30.18 Siwoo Kim


Basic Details

* Name: Ione Endellion Xanchoir
* Pronounced: EYE-own-nee
* Species: Human
* Accent: British
* Age: Sixteen
* Height: 5'9"
* Weight: 117 lbs.
* Hair: Mocha Brown
* Eyes: Nomad Green
* Skin: Latte Beige

Personal Details

* Occupation: Wanderer
* Place of Birth: Alliria
* Affiliation: Unknown
* Home: Fal’Addas
* Aliases: Ione, Xanchoir, Ellie


Ione is a lanky, young girl with a thin frame yet she's able to do as much heavy lifting as many of the younger males in her town. Her arms are muscular but not very noticeably, she seems to be weak and skinny. Her face is covered in very light freckles and although her skin is tan, it's only because of how much time she spends in the outdoors. Her skin is healthy and youthful because she prefers more plants over meat, but only if she has a choice. Her hands are rough because she helps with farming the fields, feeding the animals, and doing hard labor. She also trains with a retired warrior, who teachers her swordsmanship and melee strategies, so she's very agile and quick on her feet. Her dark hair is usually braided in two and she keeps it long. Her eyes are forest green and she has dark eyebrows.

Skills and Magic


Fighting, climbing, melee combat, riding, lifting heavy objects, gambling, survival, adaption, hunting, tracking, animal handling, ambidextrous, carpentry, healing wounds, identifying plants, archery, and wrestling.


Enhance Strength - she can alter her own strength, but the most she's been able to lift is twelve foot boulder and she nearly passed out.

Shapeshift - since it takes a lot of effort and concentration, she can only shift into two other forms, a black hawk and a black rabbit.

Water Generation - it has only happened once, when she was ten, but during a drought she was able to summon water from deep below to the surface. She hasn't been able to do this again.

Minor Element Manipulation - she can manipulate the elements but it varies on the amount and her own strength.


Ione is a hardworking and responsible young woman, having lived with tyrant like farmers who trained the youth to become honorable adults when they got older. She's tough, self-reliant, and arrogant, like her godfather who's her guardian. But she's also impatient, indecisive, appreciative, and she holds grudges. She doesn't like when someone does her wrong, whether it's big or small. She's motivated to train and become a fighter by the feeling that her deceased family is watching over her, and she wants to be the best she can be for them.

She enjoys fishing, hiking, swimming, taming animals, horseback riding, and reading, all which she loves to do. Some of her bad habits are pacing when she's worried or nervous, cracking her knuckles, and avoiding gazes out of nervousness or fear.

Theme Song: "390" by Mazde & "Symphony" by Flux Pavilion & Layna

Biography & Lore

Ione was born in the Outer City of Alliria to Savea Ywaim and Josiah Xanchoir, along with her twin sister Inerys Xanchoir rand her older brother Claude Ywaim. Two years after she was born, her family was attacked by faux government officials, who were really hired men by jealous gamblers, and they meant to kill everyone but only Ione and her father were able to escape. Not wanting his daughter to live a life on the run, Josiah sent his daughter to her mother's friend Larcon Orioch, who owns land in Fal'Addas and said that she would grow up to help his workers with their farmland, which she does now. He's like an ill-tempered uncle more than a father, which who she hasn't seen in over nine years, when he secretly came to see her on her seventh birthday.

When Ione turned sixteen, one of her elven guardians told her that she must find her purpose, for it wasn't farming. She was meant to do something greater. She's stayed close to Fal'Addas for most of her life so she knows next to nothing outside of the farm. Now she wanders, fighting anything that attacks her and trying to figure out what she was meant to do.


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