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The Spine 36 The Spine
Physical description
Orc (Ashlander) Female 6'6" 221lbs Black Olive Green Stone Grey
Political information
Ashlanders (Snow-Wolves) Mother
Out-of-character information
Esten 01/11/2019 "Helna" by Esten



Helna is a tall yet stocky she-orc, with the proper strength to match her appearance. Oftentimes her long, thick hair is tied back into a partial top knot, with a thick braid wrapped in red cloth on either side of her head. Because she lives in the cold, snowy mountains of the Blightlands, she can also be seen wearing pelts like her other kin. Around Helna's neck is a necklace adorned with the teeth of a cave troll - the cave troll that took the lives of her husband and son, to be exact. She is rarely seen without a pleasant look on her face, yet sometimes when she thinks no one else is around, the orc's expression turns to one of sadness and melancholy.

Skills and Abilities

  • Axe-Wielding: Helna may not be much use with a spear or a bow, but she is excellent with an axe. Whether it's being swung at a tree, the head of prey, or an enemy, you can be sure its blade will meet its mark.
  • Cooking: In general, orcs aren't exactly known for their, uh, culinary skills, but Helna is at least pretty decent at making a meal edible by other species.
  • Nurturing: As a mother of two, Helna has a very strong nurturing instinct, and as such often knows how to make someone feel better.
  • Crafting: Despite her large fingers, Helna is quite skilled at crafting, whether it's fixing/making clothes, fixing a weapon, or creating a simple doll.


Helna is the type of person who is slow to anger, and quick to forgive (but not forget). She has a strong pacifistic streak, understanding that violence and fighting is necessary, but always seeking alternatives first. In addition, Helna possesses a strong sense of morality, and even if she sympathizes with an individual, believes that everyone should face the consequences for their actions.

That said, she is a mother through and through, willing to take in any youngsters under her wing in order to help them.

Biography & Lore

Helna seems like such a gentle giant, right? Such a peaceful, loving orc mother.

Probably because she's a murderer.

That's right, folks! Before Helna went through her own naming ceremony, her hands were stained with blood. Orc blood.

When Helna was very young, she and another child in the Snow Wolves tribe had been playing outside of the settlement, close enough to be heard but far enough away where nobody could see them unless they were actively searching. During their play, the two got into an argument and in a fit of nasty, immature rage, Helna picked up a rock and hit the other child in the head. She hadn't meant to kill the child - just hurt him a little, that's all - but regardless, he was dead in one blow. Helna's mother, Charen, had been the first to arrive. Knowing what would happen to little Helna, her mother decided to take the fall, confessing that she'd killed the child because she felt he overshadowed her daughter. Not a very air-tight story, but Charen was convincing and willing enough to take the blame that she was cast out from the tribe, never to return again and probably dying in the wilderness.

Either way, Helna was thoroughly traumatized by an event of which only she knew the truth, and vowed to never hurt another out of rage again, committing herself to a largely peaceful existence.

The she-orc went on to grow up into a young woman orc, eventually marrying Gorruk Strongtooth (so-named because he once bit the head of a small prey animal clean off on a dare. Much manly, very wow) and giving birth to two children: Kalhe, their eldest daughter; and Gharr, their youngest son.

All was loving and wonderful, until three weeks after Gharr's naming ceremony. Gorruk had been itching to take him out hunting ever since their son had taken his name, so one relatively decent day, the pair went out to catch dinner. During their trip, they came across a particularly grumpy cave troll, and due to a tragic fluke, the troll managed to kill Gharr. Enraged, Gorruk battled with the troll and managed to take its life, but not after sustaining many injuries. He carried his son's body (and dragged the troll's body) back to the orc settlement, dying later that night from his wounds.

Helna was distraught, not only because she'd lost her son right after he'd been named, but also because she felt as though this was finally payback for the child's life she'd taken all those years ago.

Two years later, the widow realised she was dangerously close to losing the relationship she had with her single remaining child, Kalhe. Seeking to rebuild what'd been damaged, and giving her daughter the chance to broaden her horizons, Helna made the decision to go on a road trip across the lands of Arethil, to push as far as they can go without dying.


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