Galatea the Blasphemous


Biographical information
Central Vel Anir 36 years Unknown
Physical description
Human Female 5 feet, 8 inches Prominent hourglass Platinum blonde Bright, ethereal white. Her pupils are not round but soft gray to bright, limpid blue crosses. Fair
Political information
Causing Issues
Out-of-character information
Silence Conspiracy 6/7/22 Link

Galatea the Blasphemous

Galatea the Abysmal Archon. The Blood Smeared Wicked Warrior. The Sempiternal Subjugator. Galatea the Omnipotent.

Galatea used to be known by these titles, awarded to her for her immeasurable deeds and devotion to Vel Anir. It is rumored that when she graduated at fifteen, her opponent died once they blinked, the entire fight lasting no more than three seconds. After graduation, Galatea was whispered to be a unstoppable force, a never-ending well of magic that accomplished feats no one could believe. Even when beleaguered in her many fearsome and oppressive battles, she preserved and remained victorious.

She prospered. Her might grew in those three years and she took the title of archon. Some thought it was political, others assumed it was because three archons of the previous generations were found to be torn in half. With the title of the Abysmal Archon now under her belt, she sought to fulfill her duty: kill anything that opposed her and her beloved Vel Anir.

The rebellion happened and Galatea was locked up and away, forcefully stripped of her powers and titles. A new name was awarded to her when she escaped the prison, under what means no one is quite sure. But Galatea the Blasphemous rose up, spewing her blasphemous words and promising to return.

A promise. A promise to protect her home.


She puts the hot in psychotic.

Back when Galatea was still loved by her kingdom, she would wear special-made helmets that covered her eyes. It was a necessity for her, and those working with her often feared for their lives when the helmet came off.

Should be noted she’s not against changing her appearance, especially when it comes to sneaking into places.

Skills and Abilities

What sort of magic does Galatea have? That’s a great question. Anyone who may have known is dead, along with partners, children, brothers, sister, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and even their family dog. Once she graduated hundreds of deaths took place in a week. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Here’s a list that has been compiled:
1. She can absor— [blood splatters the page before anything more can be written]


A zealot through and through, Galatea is convinced that the republic is the downfall of her beloved home. For her love for Vel Anir is as endless as her magic. The worst offender is the academy, making new dreadlords soft. They would make unsuitable soldiers for her home.

During her time in the academy, Galatea was incredibly quiet and rarely spoke to anyone unless a proctor spoke to her. Some thought because she had the number one spot that it was from pride, others thought it was because there was nothing particularly remarkable about her that people didn’t deign to talk to her much to begin with.

Biography & Lore

Graduated as a first class dreadlord at the prime age of fifteen, she was immensely ahead of her classmates with a flawless record of completing missions. The next three years she would smite army after army, seemingly with an insatiable hunger and lust for dust and decay for anyone who stood in Vel Anir’s way.

Random FUN facts!

The name Galatea means milk white, suiting her fair skin and complexion.

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