Eleth the Unknowable

Eleth the Unknowable.
God of Lies, Secrets, Mysteries, the Unknown, Confusion and Shadow.

Eleth is the name given to the unknown by the Tundra elves, the Black Minotaurs, the main sect that worship him, and some scattered cults around the world. While the main sect acknowledges other deities exist and have their place, for them foremost among all gods is Eleth as his domain is everything theirs is not. At least that is one perspective among many liars holding their mysteries like expensive and treasured secrets.


Religious information
Many Masks, Absence, Shadow. Polytheism Sect Old Proto God or Multi Aspect Being The Unknown



Proto God is an ambiguous term as it comes from a time before recorded history, in some cases before time had been established as fixed perhaps, or so the myths say. As Eleth’s domain is the unknown it is difficult to describe him perhaps most of all. He or she is certainly thought of as shadowy and dark, but as his domain extends to secrets, lies and mysteries it is just as likely he’s hiding in plain sight. For now, this author will refer to Eleth as a he for ease of use but the most unlikely object could represent Eleth just as easily.

A god of many masks. One of his masks is certainly a hierarchical one, or so his followers believe. With his masked aspects taking on their aspectii form to carry out his will on the mortal plain, one for each domain he has an interest in; there are his agents and champions under them; then the regular sect that worship him with their own hierachy, as well as the shadowkin.

There is a lot of confusion as to what worshiping Eleth means, and conversations with his most devout followers are supposed to be confusing, they talk in lies and half-truths, riddles meant to confuse and ultimately blind the mind.

Thus it is deduced but not confirmed one of his masks is that of lies, another of secrets, mysteries, blindness, shadow, confusion and the unknown. Others referring to him in conversation simply say the unknown to sum him up, not that many do talk about Eleth. His agents go to great lengths to hide this information from you, any of it. A parchment detailing this will disappear, a witness will be silenced before he speaks, a mystery hidden before you come across it.

His agents don’t just hide information on him but on all things that speak the truth. For his domain is the unknown, and the more confused or blinded the mortal realm is the stronger his domain is, or so his followers believe, but you can never be sure, that’s the point.


Responsible for the creation of the shadowkin and the discipline of shadowmancy or so it is lied in the unknowable tomes of the Enigma. It is lied the worship of Eleth began several thousand years ago and has gone through phases of growing then shrinking in prominence. In the age of chronicles, it is represented by a scattering of groups in a few areas, with one major population center hidden in Southern Eretejva.

Polytheism is a useful way to see the religion as although other deities play their part, Eleth is the one who ultimately counterbalances them all, or so it is lied and bound in the unknowable tomes. His masked aspectii are also worshipped by some, though the main sect frowns on this as it can cause fractures and cults to form. As a further counterbalance the main religion acknowledges the masked aspectii in a pantheon of sorts, all contained within Eleth and ruled by him. It is not frowned upon to worship other gods alongside Eleth, as all have their place in the great confusion and the long game.

Others would view Eleth as weaker, as his entire power comes from you not knowing something, being confused about how to proceed or uncertain about a result. As these are often temporary hurdles, you might say you have a victory over the god every time you overcome even a small challenge. However others would argue his influence indirectly puts new challenges in your way, and you can never escape having to face them day in day out.

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