Biographical information
Melgroän (lost city) 721
Physical description
Elf Male 5'9" 65kg Dark Blond Green Palid
Political information
Bounty/Mage Hunter
Out-of-character information
Raigryn Dec 18 Artist

Whilst the human race is short lived, with each generation standing on the shoulders of the last they will never comprehend the patience of an elf. Many elves devote themselves to an art with perseverance that lasts for centuries. There are elven mages who have studied the stars every night for four generations of humankind until they could map half the night sky by day. Elves who can make an instrument sing and evoke such emotion that a crowd can contemplate nothing but their music for days after a performance.

Draedamyr dedicated his life to the sword.

The lessons of his life are etched across his pale skin in ugly scar tissue, but he can make a blade dance with as much precision and grace as any elven artist.

His homeland was lost long ago. He has not seen any of his children for decades and one of them he has not seen for centuries. He and his wife went their seperate ways before half the city of men had even been built. Draedamyr has few friends and allies, but those relationships he keeps stand on strong foundations that have been tested many times and held strong.


Draedamyr is slightly short for a human man, but average for an elf. His skin is pale, even for an elf. His jaw is square but narrow. He keeps his dark blonde hair long. He rarely shows much emotion, but if he does it is typically conveyed through his green, silver-flecked eyes.

Skills and Abilities

Draedamyr is fast, even for an elf. Human eyes are easily deceived by his sleight of hand.

Swordsmanship. Draedamyr is an exceptional duelist with a one handed sword, or sword and dagger.

Mage hunting. He has learned many tricks over the years to battle mages. Whilst he doesn't use the abilities of the Templars, he has several trinkets and techniques to deal with their kind. He can recognise many spells before casting is complete.

He is not a battlefield soldier. His abilities are wasted in the field.

He can read and write elvish and several human languages (at least one of which is now dead). Still a rare skill on Arethil.

He has no skills surviving in the Wilds of Arethil. He doesn't know how to hunt, nor is he skilled at defending himself from monsters. Draedamyr knows how to kill men in single combat. When he travels, he usually joins a defended caravan. He is used to the urban life.


He exhibits some of the worst traits of his kind. He is often aloof and shows disdain for those who act in a rash manner. Few humans will get to know him. Earning trust can take decades. Those who know him well know how deep his emotions run. He loves passionately, can be stricken with grief for years on end, can anger easily.

Biography & Lore


Recently Draedamyr has often been seen working for the Templar Order tracking down mages. For many years he has taken on bounty contracts for particularly dangerous individuals to test his skill. He has invested in land in several regions and apparently earns a reasonable annual wage from these alone.


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