Djana Arezu Mahin Zahra

Djana Arezu Mahin Zahra

Biographical information
Amol-Kalit 25 Nomadic
Physical description
Human Female 1.71m ENOUGH Black Green Olive
Political information
Unknown Adviser
Out-of-character information
Kasim Areth 12/2/18 seamsketches

Regarded as a great beauty, Djana Arezu Mahin Zahra touts herself as an adviser, mentor, and guide for those wayward rulers and nobles who have found themselves off their chosen path.

Originally born in the deserts of Amol-Kalit, Djana's past is a shroud of secrets and mystery.

Though no one is quite sure where she comes from, Djana has proven herself invaluable to dozens of Nobles all around the world. She has made a name for herself as an invaluable asset, negotiating trade deals, marriages, peace treaties, and often acting as an emissary to other Noble Courts.

Her skills lay within her uncanny knack for communication and understanding. Djana seems to be able to influence and drive her point home to anyone she speaks with, and often carries a reputation for getting her way no matter what the subject.

This is of course well augmented by her mastery of several dozen languages, as well as her looks and more simple charms.

Her apparent penchant for blending in with noble courts has landed her in a favorable position many times over, and her role as an adviser has apparently made her quite wealthy. She now spends most of her time traveling from Noble Court to Noble Court, influencing, advising, and gathering wealth.


Djana is unquestioningly one of the great beauties of this world. Raven black hair frame a perfectly curved and contoured face. Green eyes shine like emeralds, and flush red lips seem to accent every smile and emotion that touch her face.

Her looks are enough to turn heads in near every court of the world, and it is said that even the Elves whisper of her beauty as she passes.

This beauty is something that Djana seems to be well aware of, and like her intelligence she often leverages it to get her way. She takes great care to ensure that she looks exactly how she wants to, frequently styling and changing parts of herself in order to be better accepted by whichever court she is currently residing in.

Seemingly, Djana always has the perfect thing to catch someones eye.

Though of no noble birth, the woman carries herself like the most Regal of Queens. Her back is always straight, her chin held high, and her eyes more than willing to meet even those of a Giant.

Skills and Abilities

Djana's skills do not lay within combat or fighting. Though she is capable of defending herself in dire plights, she is no warrior or soldier.

Instead it is easier to classify Djana as a diplomat or emissary. She possesses an incredibly mind for political strategy and manipulation, being credited for the survival of more than one noble house. Seemingly she has a gift for keeping people alive through the mere ardor of her words.

This skill has of course kept her alive more than once, and has gained her both fame and fortune.

What many, or perhaps none know, is that Djana's skills are based around her abilities within the magical Discipline known as Weaving.

Though it's origins are a near complete mystery, Weaving is a technique that allows one to manipulate, change, and influence the emotions of another being. This Discipline is exceedingly rare, and mere knowledge of it is considered forbidden in most of the magical world.

Not as direct or obvious as other Disciplines, Weaving functions by the caster essentially knitting and crafting complex latices of their own emotions and using them to effect their chosen target. This allows the caster to influence and change how their victim feels, pushing and prodding them into the direction they want.

Weaving is not mind control, one cannot force their victim to do anything through a simple lattice. However, the ability allows one to manipulate and change a state of mind. This, added with saying the right things can often be just as good as direct control of another being.

For obvious reasons, this can make Weaving extremely useful in Djana's line of work.

Of course, like every other Discipline Weaving has it's drawbacks. The complex lattice works of energy take their toll, and as one attempts to effect the state of another mind, they will find the effect lashing back. In simpler terms, affecting someone's mind will also effect yours. Each time a user effects the emotion of another, that emotion is burned away within their own mind.

After prolonged use, Weaving will lead a user into becoming little more than an emotional husk. They will be entirely incapable and unable to feel any emotion, leaving them as ready victims for that which brought this Discipline into Arethil.

Biography & Lore

Much of Djana's history is completely and entirely unknown.

The first records of her start only four years ago when she first appeared within the fringe lands of Vel Anir. There she was found, and eventually taken in by a minor Noble House.

She claimed to be from a nomad tribe within Amol-Kalit, stating simply that she left the desert in search of a better life and more opportunity. It was quickly made apparent to anyone she met that Djana was not only a beautiful, but also extremely eloquent woman. She was composed, intelligent, and driven beyond what many would expect from someone of her lands.

Somehow she managed to convince the head of the Noble House to invest his gold within a failing trade company she had connections to. This investment quickly paid off when it turned out the company held certain trade rights with nomadic tribes throughout Amol-Kalit.

Word of her advice quickly spread, and within a short while Djana gained a reputation for being not only intelligent, but a true value.

Just a few months after her arrival Djana was summoned to several of the Great Houses of Vel Anir, and there she helped arrange several marriages and trade deals that proved to be more than lucrative. This increased her reputation even further, and before long Djana was not only admired for her beauty, but also her skills as an adviser and emissary.

This eventually granted her leeway as well as the wealth to travel at her own will.

Since then she has moved from place to place, inserting herself into different Noble Courts and taking up positions along side powerful rulers, generals, and even mages.

True Loyalty

Djana's true loyalty is not to herself nor those who hire her, but an otherworldly being known only as 'The Great Lord'.

Though not documented in any library or brought for in any tome, The following of the Great Lord is a small budding religion. No one is quite sure where the cult originated or whom founded it, but it's followers are spread all over the world and their dealings are often found in the most unlikely of places.

The Cult is incredibly secretive and slow to induct new members, only allowing those in who have passed a series of tests. This process is often slow, but in the end leads to great rewards.

Many of the cult's following can be found in higher nobility throughout Arethil, though there are also members who are of a lower class.

The Great Lord himself is an enigmatic figure. Only those within the inner circle of the Cult itself know what the Great Lord is or what his goal is. There are only a handful who have conversed with him, and the encounters are often described as entirely life altering.

Though his true purpose is unknown, the presence of the Great Lord's followers is often a sign of great change.

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