Dianaimh Ui Muirgheal


Dianaimh Ui Muirgheal

Biographical information
Unknown Unknown
Physical description
Appears Human Female Average Buxom Dark Pale
Political information
Out-of-character information
Ceithernach Moiraine Damodred by Westling


Ethereal and pallid looking, it's easy to mistake Dianaimh for a statue or corpse at first glance. The sorceress is clad in well worn travelling robes that nonetheless still have an air of style about them. She keeps her mane of dark hair immaculate, tending to it daily. Her piercing eyes remind others of a hawk.

She has a vivacious personality that fits well with her gorgeous figure. She dresses in styles to flatter it and uses her natural charms to her advantage whenever she can. Her clothing might suggest wealth but closer inspection will reveal the wear and tear on them. She's fallen on hard times.

She carries a simple staff as a sign of her trade as well as a long knife for personal protection.

Skills and Abilities

Wicked Witch. A talented sorceress, Dianaimh's powers have grown over the years from conjuring simple spirits to raising entire regiments from graveyards. Although possessing a strong affinity for the dead, she is no mere necromancer, having also studied battle magic and other dark arts.

Who is the fairest of them all? Dianaimh maintains her appearance through enchantments and cantrips. Already pretty, she can't resist the temptation to strive for perfection. She's skilled at illusion but her vanity can lead to bouts of violent rage and impetuous action.


Full of pride and spiteful, Dianaimh can be all sugar and sweetness one second before lashing out like a snake. She expects people to obey her commands without question and does not deal well with being questioned. Lazy and arrogant, she'd rather someone fetch something for her than have to sit up.

A born survivor, she knows best when to abandon the venom and try charm. Doe eyed and beautiful, Dianaimh could convince people to walk off cliffs for her if given enough time. She's happy to lie, cheat, manipulate, and threaten to make her way to the top.

Biography & Lore

Of noble birth, Dianaimh's magical talent has seen her exiled from her house and forced to make her own way in the world. Having devoted her life to the study of magic, she is content to investigate lost halls and abandoned ruins to advance her own power.

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