Diablo the Betrayer

Diablo the Betrayer

Biographical information
None 40 None
Physical description
Demon Male 6Ft 185 Lbs Black/White Violet Light Grey
Political information
Bone Forger
Out-of-character information
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Self made and self taught, Diablo relies on no one but himself.


Aside his sharp features Diablo can be picked out in a crowd by his polished looking horns, along with his glaring violet eyes. never carrying any weapons on his person, Diablo dons only a pair of jet black trousers, soft leather boots, and a blood red trench coat.

Skills and Abilities

Mithril Bone ( Passive/At-will )
Magic has been infused into Diablos bones making them as tough as Mithril, paired with the ability to use his bones as a weapon, his biggest limitation is his imagination, but as he sees more and more weapons, he adapts them to use with his bones further evolving his ability.

Survival ( Passive )
Wandering the world Diablo has taught himself to survive with next to nothing.

Primal Combat ( Passive )
Training himself with his newfound ability, Diablo had made his fighting style into that of a beast, quick strikes and even quicker movement. Always staying on the move and never giving the enemy a chance to read his attacks.


Diablo is quite isolated, normally keeping to himself, as the events of his parents death haunt him endlessly. with that being said, in social settings he tends to have a blank face, his eyes seemingly always unimpressed, paired with a sense of morbid humor, that tends to get him in quite a bit of trouble. Humor aside, Diablo has a sense of pride even if he did kill his own parents. Feeling as if he needs to repent for slaying them, he finds that he would defend friends to the bitter end. All the while Diablo searches for someone to be his, and his alone, as he is undoubtedly possessive in some regard, having lost everything that he once had.

Biography & Lore

Nine Months Before Diablo's Birth, Season of the Crow

Jenny had always wanted a child, and her husband knew this. Unfortunately for the two of them, Jenny's husband was impotent, and could not give her the child she so desired. while depression had befallen the two, they tried their best to return to their regular lives as if nothing was wrong. But what jenny's husband didn't know was, while jenny was alone at home with her husband working to keep a roof over their heads, Jenny would pray.

Mind you, this prayer was not to any specific god or goddess, no, this was to whom any that would help her in her time of need for a child. Her prayer was simple and to the point, "I pray to any whom could help me, please allow me to bare child for my husband." Jenny would chant this endlessly, tirelessly up until her husband would come home. Jenny would continue this godless prayer for weeks until one night she was finally answered.

Storms had filled the skies that night, the lighting streaking hotly across the skies as Jenny had kneeled down to pray. Before she could even start, a being appeared before her. smoke filled the room and a evil laugh had ripped though the silence of the room. Frozen in fear Jenny strained her eyes to she whom was before her. While the smoke slowly cleared Jenny would realize that what stood before her was no god, nor goddess.

It was a demon, but as she watched on she realized that she couldn't make out any defining features, as she began focusing on any one feature of the demon it would instantly shift, not allowing her to make out what or whom this demon was. "I have heard you pray endlessly for weeks now, and with that no god nor goddess had come to your aid." The demons voice was rich with malice and dripped of mockery "Do you feel you should really pray to any of those supposed 'gods' if they couldn't answer a poor woman's cry for help with the need for a wee lil' babe?"

Jenny looked down in shame. The demon wasn't wrong, she has heard of miracles far greater than that of a birth of a child. She began to weep into her hands, completely submitting to the demons statements. The demon grinned a crooked grin and continued "If you want a child so bad, I can give you the newborn you so desire."

"Yes please! I'll do anything! I swear on my life, I will!" Jenny had cried out before thinking about what she had said, and would soon live to regret those exact words. The demon had taken her by the hand and quietly taken a single claw and pin pricked her palm, with that a small black scar had appeared on her hand.

"There all done, bed your mate tonight, and you will give birth to a healthy baby. Be warned though. You have paid a price and you will forget this meeting as soon as i leave. the deal is as follows, for I have given you life so shall you give life unto me. You and your husband with forfeit your lives soon after your Childs thirtieth birthday. that is all."

With that the demon disappeared and Jenny soon forget all about her encounter with the demon.

Nine Months Later, Season of the Omen

After the birth of Diablo, his parents knew that he was different from the rest of the kids. Not only did they know their child was different, but there was tell tale signs that showed both outwardly and internally. The first of these signs were horns that began growing from his forehead from birth. The second being that his eyes were a deep purple, and lastly his teeth were deadly sharp and slightly curved like fangs. All pointing to the fact that he did indeed, look more like a demon than anything else.

With that being said Diablo's parents were terrified of what Diablo would mean for the family. Would they be exiled? Or killed for having a demon child? They never knew, which instilled a gnawing fear at the back of their minds, a fear that stemmed directly from their own son. but the clan never found out about Diablo.

As Diablo was taught to keep his horns hidden and to never smile, lest he be figured out from the rest of the clan mates. Diablo had always wondered why his parents had told him to hide what he felt, were his best features. Nevertheless he would continue to listen to his parents, doing what he was told, and hiding from his clan, as he would slowly become a shut in, rarely to be seen nor heard from.

Years passed like this, where Diablo hid is 'cursed' features as his parents would call them, all the while Diablo grew angry and his parents fear of him grew as well. One fateful day however, not weeks after Diablos thirtieth birthday, Diablo fell terribly ill . But while Diablo spent his days bed ridden and fighting for his life. All the while his parents would be scheming to cut Diablos life short. A few days had passed and it seemed that Diablo had gotten over the worst of his illness, in a fit of joy Diablo ran to his mother and father to tell them the good news, only to be met with blank stares and hostile body language.

"I'm sorry Diablo, it must be done." Is all his mother had said as both his parents had rushed him without hesitating, hoping to overpower Diablo in his weakened state. To their dismay however, this chain of events had awakened Diablos powers, as his body changed and a vicious claw like blade had protruded from his arm. Fueled by anger and delusions, and working with primal instinct, Diablo had fought off his parents and soon after had killed them.

Diablo was beside himself as his parents blood had soaked into his clothes and stained his skin. With utter, endless grief of the death of his parents. To make matters worse his clan had caught wind of the days events and soon after this, Diablo was exiled from the clan. Forced to wander alone. Diablo spent most of his time training with his new found ability and wandering the world. His fighting style became that of a beast, leaning more on the primal side of fighting rather than the the logical side of things.

After ten years of training and wandering the world, Diablo had found himself overwhelmed and over powered by a band of mercs and captured.>


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