Corso Drake

Corso Drake

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Cortos Refined Cortosi Coast
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Human Male
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Zarko March 2021 Ghost Conquistador by Joo Draws

Sir Corso Drake is both explorer and evangelical from an affluent Cortosi merchant dynasty. He has sailed all over Arethil yet he is always looking for new uncharted waters or strange foreign lands so that he might spread the word of the Radiant Church or barter for exotic treasures to earn him acclaim with his lavish royal patrons.

While he has clawed his way up into high society Corso was not born cultured and is considered something of a rake at court for his humble beginnings not to mention his infamous reputation as a mostly reformed smuggler. He is a skilled hand with a cutlass yet has a peculiar obsession with collecting magical artifacts and lore.


Corso's features are gaunt and swarthy. A thin angular goatee ending in three pointed tips is kept well groomed. His frame is muscular in the kind of wiry way most sailors have about them that speaks of lean times at sea.

Skills and Abilities

Trained fencer with practical combat experience battling pirates and fending off hostile tribesfolk, Drake can swing a cutlass with the best swashbucklers. He is a man of letters who is quite capable of basic navigation with or without a map to guide him. While not an experienced wizard himself Sir Corso is something of a private collector and amateur scholar of ancient magic lore.


Many masks. Many faces. Corso is driven by an obsession with the unknown that verges on madness. He is a pioneer and frontiersman who has nevertheless climbed his way up into high society so that he might facilitate his expeditions. Devout servant of the Cortosi sun god.

Biography & Lore

Born in a port city along the Cortosi Coast, Drake grew up on the sea. He's sailed everywhere from Vel Anir to distant Nagai. Together he and his father built a flourishing trade empire. Sir Corso used that influence to further his own political ambitions. Now he organizes regular expeditions with his galleon the Golden Compass. He spreads the word of the Radiant Church and trades or raids for treasure of all kind. Something he saw while stranded for a time on open waters compels him to seek out forbidden knowledge.


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