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The Danger of Magic

Nokev the Wise Unknown

The Danger of Magic is an excerpt from The Tome of Magic by Nokev the Wise. This passage describes the consequences of the First Law of Magic - a concept that mages have determined to be a universal truth in the use of magic.

This codex follows a chapter about the most basic concept of magic and is one of the first things a new mage reads if taught in an environment that uses Nokev's teachings.

Codex Text

Magic has a price.

All mages know this as the First Law of Magic. I've seen many a fool attempt to subvert this law. A few of the more clever ones realize the cost doesn't have to be divine or within the mage. Yet too often a mage goes too far.

Ever felt as if you're about to faint after casting a spell? Even as you use nature's bountiful energy? Take note - this is your current limit. As you read through this tome, I'll teach you how grow and push your boundaries. If you don't know this point already, you must tread carefully until you find it.

Don't rush to leap beyond this limit. To do so is to call for the Herald of fate. Those that just barely push beyond may only lose their ability to cast magic momentarily. I've seen novice healers kill themselves and fail to save their mortally wounded charges.

I've seen the Herald claim a great mage that thought she could move the peaks of the Spine. It was fortunate that she had a quick death. Those that weren't so became abominations - grotesque creatures that slaughter anything it sees until slain.

And even in moments where you feel self-sacrifice is necessary - to save friends, family, or country - beware that the Herald will claim whatever price necessary. The Trias Kingdom ended in a single day due to the desperate actions of its battle mages to wipe out the Loedroe army - becoming what's now monster infested Blighted Plateau.

Take care to keep this in mind. The world's greatest evils and tragedies come from similar mistakes with magic. Your gift can be a powerful tool - but it is one you must carefully learn how to wield.

- From The Tome of Magic, by Nokev the Wise, legendary mage and scholar​
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