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I heard something in the night. Some kind of...rumbling.

You imagined it, their ain't nothing out 'ere.

No real-wait! There it was! Didjya-

Yeah, I 'eard it. Sounds like a big cat.
First expedition interaction-


Basic Information
Cat Goblins, Gob-nyans Malakath 25-50 years Omnivore
Physical description
1 Meter Whiskers, Fur, awkwardly bipedal
Stralinian - Vibration based communication, nearly silent and easily transmitted through water. Common/Human, Kalar ( Malakath Common), select few are able to speak it.
Southwestern Section of Malakath
Out-of-character information


Straline are small cat-like people. There is no sexual dimorphism between males and females of the species as most of the race simply looks like a large bi-pedal feline. All have whiskers to assist them in everyday life. Those sea-faring groups are typically clothed in simple garments extending to the knees to keep a majority of the water off their fur. A small notable feature of the sea based groups is their fur is shorter, more course, and a slightly oily consistency.

Land based Stralines do not typically don clothing, as it makes hunting difficult. The have longer fur, no oily coat, and the fur is typically softer to the touch. Their run through the underbrush and other settings act as a natural brush for their fur. Communal bathing is a standard thing in order to check for wounds, sores, and hygiene purposes.

Their coats vary in color and the markings, while some patterns have been noted, do little more than add to their natural camouflage. Their "hands" are like that of a typical large cat, though they do have a short "thumb". Underdeveloped compared to that of a typical human but enough to hold their basic tools and perform tasks such as fishing or weaving.


Straline are a somewhat strange breed, as they are quite easily able to traverse the land but prefer to remain on board their large, traveling tribe flotillas. A conglomeration of vessels is what they call home of which they are comfortable moving between with ease via planks and free ropes.

Fishing Boat -

Living Boats -

Those on land are quite adaptable as well, easily going between environments. Typically on land they prefer to have a small dug out shelter within a large community setting, similar to that on the sea. Their natural instinct is to seek a community figure should the flotilla come near to their encampment.

Land based Straline make their location known by use of certain colors and shells in what are mock flagpoles outside their fishing docks.


Straline are far more intelligent than they are strong. While not described as swindlers typically, they could come across as such in some cases which their brains make leaps of logic. A race that has been able to learn much about the stars and their meaning in the world, travelling the waters around their home to shift fishing positions and remove themselves from danger that exist on the shore.

Straline are small, naturally agile, and incredibly nimble beings best suited to running on all fours for their fastest speed. Their bipedal stance is best suited for fighting with a weapon, however, they are not nearly as capable with a standard sword or shield as humans are. While not the most agile in this bipedal stance, they are capable strategists, using something akin to swarm tactics in the worst situations where retreat is not an option.



Their origins are unclear, even to the Straline. Whether they grew from the native fauna into the intelligent and creative breed of bipedal felines that they are now, or were made to be so, they have existed for a time on the same continent as the Chi’xilixi.

Oral history, and what has been transcribed onto what processed materials they have, describes their beginnings as simple ones. Marked by the survival out of need given the ferocity of the creatures around the Valley of Decay. Memories of their early times have been lost due to storms taking previous long whiskers, but what remains is the story of Straline's surviving on little more than their own ingenuity.

Their earliest remaining memories are those of figuring out fronds and natural materials could make small lean to houses, and that stones could be chipped into tools. They grew slowly, out of necessity rather than desire. They had no need to write things down, as they lived day by day with little more than the worry of survival on their minds. With their growing population, their came a new threat to their kind.

The numerous Chi’xilixi populations forced them to seek better lives at sea, having fought near to the death for what little land they have within their paws. Establishing Petakauata as a meeting ground for the two groups to exchange their goods. It also serves as the hub of Straline society, holding what little writings they have and allowing them a place to anchor temporarily in the worst of storms.

Their technology has remained somewhat primitive, as they have no need for advancements. Bone hooks can be found from the beginning of their history to the current day with palm fronds, simple fiber clothing, and rope makes up the majority of their textiles.

Society and Government

Straline government is a tribunal of elders. The trio are on separate flotilla's and only meet for pertinent discussions and decisions. What make the trio is known by the Straline as the Long Whiskers, or Elder Ones, and are freely approachable by other Straline, though outsiders are watched quite intensely.

The Elder Ones serve as the backbone for the species. The oral history of the Straline is passed through them, even though everything has been transcribed, the Elder One's tell it as though it was an epic rather than a flat boring bed time story.

Issues involving the flotilla's are brought to the respective Elder One, who then determines the severity of the claim or issue and can call for a Tribune meeting, or seek an outside opinion, or simply deal with the issue themselves. Nothing major typically happens with the knowledge of the Elder One's first.

At least on the Flotilla's anyway.

The land groups, primarily existing to hunt for hides, farm the land, and act as guides, are governed by both the Elder Ones, and rule of strength. Many groups on land choose a leader based on who is the strongest among them, sent to represent their collection of Straline's on land to the flotilla's.

With a very healthy and community driven attitude, they do not place value on their kins ability to provide as each member of the species has inherent value and they cherish anything they contribute. Elder and ancestor worship is predominantly the focus of what can be called a religion, though even this they keep to a minimum.

An ingrained sense of community style upbringing is also heavily seen, where kits stay at their relatives house/boat or even the neighbors from when the kits can choose to decide for themselves. This extends even to those on land and it is very common for them to be obscenely generous and trusting of even outsiders.

There exists no economics and instead, land and sea trade as needed between themselves freely though equally. As per the value of each member; kits born with a disability (i.e. suffering paralysis or other ailments) are still cherished and not looked down upon in any regard. The community works together, and while not expected of any less able people to contribute, anything they contribute is prized.

While not a proud race, their own sense of pride drives them, which is more akin to personal responsibility than obligation in this regard. A straline will not throw itself to the monster and expect their memory to be sung for glory, but in thanks for saving the other members of the hunting party. To give of oneself freely without expectations is the driving force behind this race, and all are willing to do so.

Lest they be undone as the divine beings were undone by their own selfish hearts.

Little to no machinations for war. Largely based on defending themselves and hunting/fishing.


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