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Basic Information
Skyborn Malakath 40 omnivores
Physical description
2 to 3 1/2 feet Impressive feathers, wings, claws, sharp teeth, mimics
Unknown Quetzal, Kalar ( Malakath Common), ancient elvish, old common. Adaptable to languages. Old ruins, high peaks, mud spires
Out-of-character information
Sprites & Dice


The Quill, are a small-bodied feathered reptilian species, standing to about knee-high to the average man. They have fully functioning wings, a long, feathered tail, and partially feathered lower clawed legs. These claws are hyperextensible and may be used to defend, attack, or even manipulate or clumsily carry small items. While they are able to walk on two legs, they are most comfortable in the sky, using their wings to fly high overhead. Males are called drakes while females are called queens; however, it is the males who have a rather impressive feathered crest that can be raised or fluffed to express anger or excitement.



The Quill build their nests upon the highest peaks and derelict spire ruins of the ancient cities and pedestals of Malakath. They are egg layers and build nests constructed from mud pellets and lined with grass, leaves, or feathers.


Several millennia ago, the Quill lived in massive mud spires. A highly intelligent species, they studied the moons and stars, and their environment. To the Quill, this was something to be codified, logged, and manipulated. Yet an unknown event has seen much of the discoveries and age of wonders created by the Quill nothing but ruins and forgotten, scattered across jungle-ridden ruins of Malakath. Some of the most wondrous treasures of the Quill probably lie hidden in its depths — along with some of their most horrifying mistakes.

While highly intelligent, the Quill's culture seeps with ritual. They believe that they are part of a greater, plan, which is why they have a tendency to be haughty or even look down at other lesser species. According to their beliefs, Quetzalcoatl, the great feathered serpent, is in constant war against the darkness, and if the darkness won, the world would end. In order to ensure the preservation of their lives, they had to feed Quetzalcoatl with living sacrifices.

Three times a year, when Lessat catches the sun Arethil is plunged into total eclipse for a day. There, as the sun slowly disappears behind the moon, and the rings of Lessat seem to become brighter, young Quill warriors are sacrificed, their blood, heart, and feathers left behind the stone altar to be delivered to the great feathered serpent.


The Quill distinguish themselves as scholars and highly intelligent beings. While their diminutive form may make them appear to be prey, they are in fact capable of defending themselves, especially in great numbers. Sharp teeth and claws are used to defend, and from what can be gleaned, they can also pick up and carry items smaller than themselves. Nonetheless, they prefer flying rather than dealing with enemies head-on. Their flying abilities allow them to be good scouts, however, if more brightly feathered colored, then this could be for naught. Unknown to others, the Quill are excellent mimics, and their high intelligence allows them to quickly learn different languages.

Haughty, sassy, sarcastic, and quick of wit, the Quill are known to be sharp with their words and little patience for idiocy. They, are, however, prone to ritual, and may conduct a specific pattern of flight or use of cleansing in the event of anything that may seem to incur the wrath of Quetzcoatal, their feathered, serpent god.

Little is known if the Quill are able to use magic. Certainly blood sacrifices are thought to be part of their rituals, and perhaps, those rituals themselves have some semblance of mana use.

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