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The Age of Chronicles is the current Age in Arethil.

In the previous several years, the recording of history has drastically increased. In addition, knowledge of the past and history has improved. Because of this, the Elbion Timekeepers named the contemporary age as the Age of Chronicles. They predict that this Age will be full of discoveries and changes.

The current year is 369.


Below is the known history of the Age of Chronicles:
  • 364 - The Elbion Guild of Timekeepers and Historians declares the beginning of a new age - the Age of Chronicles.
  • 365 - Eastern Falwood experienced wildfires. There were claims that towers of smoke could be seen from Alliria.
  • 367 - After severe flooding in the Iuk-'u Delta, an ancient temple of an unknown religion is unearthed by the receding water.
  • 369 - The current year. The Catographers' Guild of Alliria publishes an updated map of Arethil.

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