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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.



Biographical information
Somewhere in the Iuk-'u Delta Isles Rude Nomad
Physical description
Leprechaun, Fae Male 6ft 8 No flab Brown Gold Light brown
Political information
Out-of-character information

You don’t believe in leprechauns.
A myth you say they be.
You don’t believe in pots-o-gold,
or four-leaf-clover tea.

You don’t believe the rainbow’s end
alights on treasured finds.
They are illusions meant for fools
you say ‘ave lost their minds.

You don’t believe in whispering
your wishes to the wind,
You don’t believe in magic spells
or longings coming true.

And Yet...

Hailing from the mysterious Isles of Iuk-'u Delta, the Leprechaun is often considered a legend by most of those who dwell in Arethil. They were once considered great warriors, the protectors of dragons golds and treasures beyond the minds of man. To stop adventurers seeking them out and attempting to take their treasures they began to twist their own versions of their histories. With silver tongues they transformed their whole race into little more than a children's story and something to be laughed at.

All to keep their true selves a secret.


Contrasting to the legends, Cillian is a towering man with a dark complexion. It is only his unusually golden eyes that marks him as different or other. He wears his hair long but often pulls it up and ties it with leather thonging to keep it out of his face when he is working on the farms.

His skin is decorated with a series of odd words and phrases that train in solid black lines around his wrists all the way up to his elbows. Most people would mistake it simply for tribal patterning rather than another language.

Cili dresses simply in whatever clothes are comfortable for him to work in and cares very little for how he presents himself to others. The only thing that remains constant is the copper lucky penny he wears at his throat on a fine golden chain.

Skills and Abilities

Fae Magic: Like all Fae, Cillian has abilities unique to the wider race. These include but are not limited to Glamours, the ability to travel via the Ley Lines, and being able to See others from his world when they too are cloaked. He does also on the flip side suffer from their same weaknesses such as iron and the rules they abide by.

Golden Luck: Cillian is able to bestow a single wish on someone when they present him with the appropriate payment, or a form of payment he finds acceptable. Wishes must be made clearly or they can have dire consequences. Cili will often appear in towns where there is a great Wishing Well if it is used frequently, drawn to the magic it invokes.

Enhanced Craftsman skills: Cili is a talented worksman and his products are often highly sought after because of it. Whilst he makes predominately shoes he does also dabble in other things from carpentry to blacksmithing.

Swordsmanship: Despite his current line of work Cili is a trained warrior and not one to be meddled with.


Cillian is a quiet individual who prefers to keep to his own company and tries to stay away from strangers as much as possible. He finds it hard to stay in one place for too long and makes long trips to sell his wares all over Arethil. As such he can come across as quite gruff and grumpy, though after a few drinks he is usually the one in the room with the loudest laugh.

Once someone gets to know him Cili has a wicked sense of humour and a kind nature. He goes out of his way to help people who gift him with their trust and can be a loyal if fickle friend.

Biography & Lore

Cillian is several centuries old and as such has a long history on his Isles where he made quite the name for himself as a Protector. Even his own people are not entirely sure why Cillian chose to leave his home and made his way to the mainland.

Since his arrival Cillian has travelled far and wide throughout history making his wears and selling them whilst on the road. A few who know of his work well often seek him out when he passes through the major cities.


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