Auriel, The Sovereign Archangel of Restraint


Biographical information
Fal'Addas 21 Formerly Fal'Addas, Currently The Spine
Physical description
Elf Avariel Female 5'11'' White Cobalt Blue Pale
Political information
None, herself. Wanderer None Outcast
Out-of-character information
LittleBird 10/25/18 Wlop


Auriel possesses all of the signature traits of Avariel elves. Beauty, grace, a pair wings. Her wispy pale hair is almost always hidden by the hood of her cloak which also houses her cobalt eyes that harbor elusive secrets of a forgotten past. The nature of her height only adds to her regal stature. Above her head always floats a halo made of a band of the purest silver. The same silver also makes up her chestplate and pauldrons.

Skills and Abilities

Heaven's Ring
The halo that constantly resigns above Auriel's head is known as Heaven's Ring. It is a symbol of her control over her power. Magic that feeds off of her own life-force is what keeps the metal afloat at all times. When she received the halo at eleven, she could barely keep it in place. Over the years, she has disciplined herself to hold it automatically, even in her sleep. The halo itself is also a means of storing powerful magic meant to be used as a last resort. If Auriel were to ever use this magic there would be a high chance of her absolute destruction, especially at her young age.

The Grace of Angels

The Grace of Angels is the magic that Auriel has been blessed with and is directly related to her title. As the Sovereign Archangel of Restraint, Auriel's grace is the magical ability to manipulate, to some extent, the emotions and willpower of other entities. She can influence others' thoughts by changing their will to suit her goal. This does not work on everyone however. In some cases, if the person she is trying to manipulate is aware of her influence they can block out her magic. Auriel has found that other magic users tend to be most suspicious of her intruding magic. With great focus, Auriel can manipulate objects as well. She uses her grace to keep her halo afloat by convincing the object that it desires to reside above her head. This use of her grace, however, is more complicated and it requires weeks, if not months of practice in order to manipulate an object into desiring to do something. There is also great danger in the practice of manipulating objects as it gives the manipulated object a certain degree of sentience.

Sword of Judgement
Auriel's only weapon is the Sword of Judgement. It is a broadsword that she has owned since birth and it is infused with holy magic. The sword is enchanted so that it can only harm those who wish to do harm her or people she loves. She is very adept with the sword due to training that had begun at a very young age.


Auriel is mature for her age due to her upbringing. She has a natural disposition for rational thinking, she cares greatly for others, and is modest and kind. Auriel particularly likes children as their innocence amuses her. However, she is not without her flaws and her title is not without its consequences. Auriel has great control over her emotions and she prides herself on that. Oftentimes, she will take the control of her emotions to such a great extent that she does not let others know how she feels in times of great importance. Because of her young age, Auriel also gets frustrated when she knows that she has no control over her or others' situations.

Biography & Lore

Auriel was born in the outskirts Fal'Addas and immediately given away to a wealthy elven family. She was kept as a sacred treasure and trained in her abilities. For the first nineteen years of her life, she didn't exist. No one was to know that she was alive, or that she lived in Fal'Addas. When her existence finally was exposed, she was banished away as an abomination to wander the spine in solitude. Now she spends her days lurking in the mountains and helping the occasional traveler. Once every year, she will make the great journey back to Falwood in order to visit her family. [​IMG]

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