Asuego - Cutter witch of Laggend


Biographical information
Spine Underground Unknown My heart
Physical description
Dark elf Female 157 cm 46 kg Pearlescent white, curly and down to the booty Red and black (Iris atrophied) Pale
Political information
Coven witches Hedge witch
Out-of-character information
Nidraak 14.3.2019 Nidraak

Asuego is not pronounced as in 'Fuego' but like... A-soo-go (Like sue) Just a tidbit note that doubles as an explanation why most everyone else simply calls her Sue instead. most actually know her by her moniker, Sussana or Susan.
The witch is not easy to give people the knowledge of her name.


No living elf on Arethil resembles Susan. Others would dismiss her as a Falwood elf, that looks so odd due to her depraved lifestyle. Susan is, in fact, an Anteortusian 'dark' elf, which are Nocturnal elves.

Her skin is ghastly pale. Her iridescent white hair is long and thickly curled, going down past her hind. Her sclera is black like pitch while her iris is red and atrophied to a point where it looks like an intricate lace rather than a healthy eye. Past the pupil and the holes in the iris, her eyes shine red when hit with light.

Her frame is petite, and she is not tall. Yet due to her lite shape and the way she holds herself, she seems much taller than in person.


Witches receive a form of fear-reverence from the common folk. As much as they were needed, they were deeply loathed, yet their scorn was equally avoided.
It was no different for Asuego, who easily fed into the delusions of the local peasant folk.
Hexes and curses, even if merely presented as is, still struck fear despite being empty words.
All that is done to uphold a visage of somebody not to be messed with.
Outside her local circle, her renown is worse, being called the 'White Witch of Laggend'.

The witch appears emotionally cold, yet one has to understand; as much as she is a frightening presence, she is empathetic and caring. Often caving into the hopeless, the frightened and the dismayed whom nobody wants to help, forsaken by the very people who claim to protect and love them the most.

Asuego practices less-is-more when it comes to magic. Years had wisened her to not use magic to solve any problem at hand, and she might spend more time fearmongering people with threats of curses or fraudulent hexes rather than actually bind them in magic.
It is simple, a mere curse in words will cause all following bad luck to be attributed to her.

Skills and Abilities

Asuego has below average eyesight and is nearsighted, her vision is worst in the right eye. She is almost completely blind during the day, however, she can utilise various magical spells to regain vision like borrowing it from her familiar or other willing and sometimes unwilling individuals. She can see somewhat normally during the night and is completely content in pitch darkness.

As a hedgewitch, Asuego mostly dabbles in the arts of herbalism, brewing infusions and ointments, the construction of fetishes or other charms and conversing with animals.
She knows some forms of divination and circle magic conjuration, but she is no expert in the latter field. Sometimes having trouble gaining full respect of natural demonic deities. With some entities, she happens to have intimate bonds.

Plenty of attention is also given to dealing with other magic-borne entities like werewolves and vampires with curing the infected or afflicted. When peasant folk needs her and her countryside reputation is set aside, the 'White witch of Laggend' is better known for her sympathetic magic. Those who know her as such err on conversing with her, touching her or even staying at her place in fear of having lasting consequences from doing such.

Some other miscellaneous skills include brewing, waxwork, spinning, weaving, skinning and cooking. Asuego is mostly self-sufficient and she dabbles a little in surgery and anatomy.

Some items she deals with and are part of her inventory:
Magical bird scissors, most commonly associated with cleansing memories or cutting magical threads. Their most important use, however, is severing the tie between a baby and its mother, figuratively and literaly.
Chalk to draw magic circles with.
A cauldron to brew magical brews and infusions in.
An assortment of various books on different topics, including a herbarium, various grimoires, demonology and other similar books.
A brazier to perform smoke rites in. An altar for altar duty. Various glyphs, chalices and a drop spindle.
A Polykoinolectic Talisman, a talisman with which to talk to other creatures or different languages, mostly including animals.
A Boline, Stiletto/Stillo and Arthama(Athame).
A black and white blade.
A 1m wand, a staff, a black cold iron sword.
A needle and scalpel.
A yew and birch broom
An assortment of foci points.
A black-feathered cloak which allows for transformation into a giant bird or sirin.
Way too many poppets, fetishes charms and...
And lastly, a chatty fire sprite in the stove called Ardomma.


Asuego as a sirin

The Pact

A bloodpact has been made with a Marquess, lord of the pits. The nature of the arrangment is largely unknown, so is the name lost to all but the most dutiful of conjurers. But those who may sense innate magic can feel strong thread like structures enveloping her chest. Those whom may see intraceable magic can spot golden threads in the place, wrapped around where her heart would be. It seems the tie with the demon has little to do with her prowess or magic, having a rather private arrangment on the nature on her knots and kinks in her body.

Biography & Lore


Asuego does not like remembering her past or her ancestry. She lives completely detached from her past lifestyle, considering it something worth forgetting, but she herself refuses to do so through magical means, claiming it will change who she is forever.

Widespread knowledge and rumours available about her.
Known as a hedgewitch, word about Asuego's infamy is widespread thorough the nearby land. Mostly known as somebody quite willing to do 'morally questionable' deeds to people. Most would describe her as amoral or a monster. Natural catastrophes and bad luck are also falsely attributed to her quite frequently.

Some rather scornful deeds she has done was turning unwanted children into doves, cutting away memories from maidens, terminating pregnancies or offering contraception, for those very frequent deeds she even acquired another nickname and title. Suicide potions and love potions are equally scornful. She is also visited for healing salves and other more intimate or embarrassing issues.

'The white witch of Laggend'
Some say the name is based on her appearance alone, some say it's ironic due to her horrid reputation and deeds she had done. Yet.
Due to her inclination to help, the name 'White witch' isn't just a visual similarity or an ironic name. She is indeed sometimes considered a white witch, also known as a good walker or cunning woman. People who help others when bewitched or misfortuned. But her good deeds are quickly muddled down by those less 'clean' in nature. Thus Asuego doesn't just walk a thin line between the good and the bad, she embraces both extremes of morality.

The former has gained her a rather ill reputation, even by those that desperately request her aid. Alas, Asuego is practically like an executioner, a worker that does things that need doing but is scorned and loathed by the masses.

In the near area of Laggend and the countryside, she is 'Delightfully' called 'The baby-cutter of Laggend' and often scorned for sleeping with the [insert loathed demonic entity] or riding wild hogs in the full moon.


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