Amelia Hawthorne

Amelia Hawthorne

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Amelia Hawthorne, a young human woman from the noble Hawthorne family, defied societal expectations by choosing to leave her comfortable life behind and join the Knights of Anathaeum. Rather than being sent to a convent like many noble daughters, Amelia's passion for justice and her desire to become a Knight led her to the KOA Monastery.


With her short auburn hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and average build, she possesses an unassuming appearance that belies her inner strength.

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Amelia Hawthorne possesses a calm and composed demeanor, often displaying a thoughtful and introspective nature. She is a deeply contemplative individual, always seeking to understand the world around her and the complexities of the human experience. Amelia's studiousness and love for learning are evident in her thirst for knowledge and her dedication to mastering her chosen field of curse breaking and ancient runes.

Driven by a strong sense of justice, Amelia embodies the noble ideals of fairness, compassion, and the protection of the vulnerable. She believes in standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. Amelia has a resolute moral compass, and she strives to act in accordance with her principles at all times. Her unwavering commitment to upholding truth and fighting against injustice makes her a staunch advocate for those in need.

Despite her quiet and reserved nature, Amelia possesses a quiet strength that becomes apparent in times of challenge. She is steadfast and determined, never faltering in her pursuit of her goals. Amelia's sense of duty and responsibility towards the Knights of Anathaeum drives her to push her own limits and constantly improve herself, both physically and mentally.

While Amelia can be serious and focused, she also harbors a deep well of empathy and kindness. She shows genuine care for others and is willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Although she may not be the most outgoing or extroverted individual, Amelia's genuine concern for the well-being of those around her shines through her actions.

In summary, she is a reserved and thoughtful young woman with a strong sense of justice and a dedication to her chosen path. Her studious nature, resolute morals, and quiet strength make her a valuable member of the Knights of Anathaeum, where she strives to uphold the principles of the order and make a positive impact on the world.

Biography & Lore

Amelia hails from a prestigious noble family, known for their wealth and influence in the realm. However, unlike her peers who were destined for a life of luxury and societal expectations, Amelia felt a strong calling towards a different path. Instead of conforming to her family's wishes, she made the bold decision to leave her comfortable life behind and seek admission to the Knights of Anathaeum Monastery.

Drawn to the teachings of the Order, Amelia immersed herself in the rigorous training and academic pursuits of the monastery. Her unwavering commitment to her studies and her resolute morals quickly garnered her respect among her peers and mentors. With her deep-rooted sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocent, Amelia found solace and purpose within the Order's principles.

Her chosen path within the Knights of Anathaeum led her to specialize in curse breaking and ancient runes. Fascinated by the hidden knowledge and ancient magics locked within forgotten texts, Amelia dedicated herself to unraveling the secrets of the past and using her expertise to rid the world of curses and malevolent enchantments.


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