LFG A Song of Shadow and Ash

Ánië Táralóm

High Councilor of The Order
Character Biography
In a bid to end a conflict which started now 130 years ago, a dark host has marched upon the final bastion of the Aerai people - Sharyrdaes. Having answered the call for aid, an army was made ready on the fringes of the elven kingdom, and marched through the Falwood to the country's capital, seemingly just in time. Having prevented the dark host of monsters and the foul hearted from surrounding the city, their forces were given no choice but to relent. Now, with battle lines drawn and the northern pass secured, the War for Aeraesar is has once again grown hot, and the Aerai, with the help of their allies, mean now to reclaim their ruined lands.

Looking to see if there is any interest to rekindle a storyline I've been eager to get off the ground. I'm more or less dedicating all my efforts in this group from now on, so you can expect a great deal of consistent involvement from me.

The events of this story follow after this thread which I was unable to bring to a conclusion at that time.

If interested in participating either with an existing or new character hit me up either here or on the discord. Cheers!
Oh absolutely! Having read through his bio he seems a good fit, and maybe even somewhat ICly aware of some kind of cursed land in the Falwood given his nativity there - but you do you, and would love to have you!
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Have a couple of open threads up, both with some different angles.

Sort of a slice of life thread. Set in Sharyrdaes, the city is serving as the primary and only staging ground for the war effort, and is now brimming with new and diverse occupants who have come to fight. The war rages on with the battling now taking place away from the city.

Anything could happen when so many walks of life intertwine under such strenuous circumstance.

Set a few kilometers south of the capital, the allied army faces off against the dark host of I Morëliyúmë. Unable to push onward, the army entrenches itself along the northern edge of a place known as the Ashen Glades.
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No worries! We're just pluggin along a lil' bit! Take your time, we'll not be movin too far without ya, and we'll probably just idle here for now!

An army of Aerai and many of their various allies move to retake the city of Sindrost, one of Aeraesar's five great cities. They find it deeply entrenched by the forces of Arkhivom's army, and a conflict ensues immediately.