1. Trevan Soithiel

    Private Tales Machinations of a Drow Lord

    The city of Zar'Ahal never really slept, but instead it churned constantly. It was perhaps late at night on the surface, or maybe the middle of the day. There was no way to tell. The completely subterranean city was lit with the same even glow from a thousand glow lamps, never put to rest. The...
  2. Trevan Soithiel

    Private Tales Illuminations of the Dark

    There is beauty in darkness. That is what most Drow would tell you, and as you would understand it they're not wrong. Beauty can be found everywhere. A glow worm with intricate spun silk perhaps, or maybe the way the moon casts a wane light across a still quiet lake. But the Drow of Zar'ahal...
  3. Vyx'aria

    Private Tales Recruitment Drive

    “I will not risk another female mage and that’s final.” Vyx’aria was bristling with rage, and it bubbled just underneath the surface. There was nothing she could say about it, not when it was the warlord addressing her. Vyx’aria had taken Alvyana with her to the surface, but the woman had...