1. Sigrith

    Private Tales The Season of the Pale Moon

    The long nights had arrived, leading the tundras into a realm of darkness that was both ethereal and damning. Beneath the light of a full, pale moon the snow-covered landscape gave off an other-worldly glow. Silver incandescence filled the common area of Withereach, interspersed with the warm...
  2. Neremyn Virvyre

    Private Tales Withering at Withereach

    This trip had not gone exactly as he had planned… The voyage to the Northern Aberresai was fraught with rocking and the turbulence of a typically slow moving Cairou River. Based on the confluence of tributaries North of Elbion, the Druid expected that murky and turbid waters lay downstream. But...
  3. Vand

    Completed Misery is the River of the World

    Withereach, Nordengaard Southern Eretejva Tundra The morning immediately following He is No King of Mine “It just feels like so much.” The two were awakened perhaps far earlier than they intended, the people of Withereach having awoken collectively as the dockhand caught the oncoming ship in...