1. Esmeralda Sophia Le Roux

    Open Chronicles The Mountain Queen and the Dragon Valley

    The Kingdom of Rotue had been under the great yet soft leadership of King Abraham Le Roux, now a new legacy had started to develop - that was the legacy of Princess Esmeralda Sophia Le Roux, first born daughter to the King and his Queen, eldest child and the future ruler of Rotue. The Princess...
  2. Esmeralda Sophia Le Roux

    Roleplay OOC Dragon Mountain, Viking Valley

    The Kingdom of Rotue, the winds of change were blowing. The King was on his death bed, Princess Esmeralda was about to take the thrown, her dragon was about to hatch, she had to choose a suitor whilst the Whiaans reached for her throne. How will you contribute to your Kingdom? A dragon trainer...