• The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Zana

    Fable - Ask Rebellion Bloodline

    "Well... your vitals are all fine," the medic frowned as Zana pulled on her shirt. "I can't sense any disease or infection but if you continue to be sick I'd like for you to come back and we can look at running some further tests. I'm going to recommend you stop your... Your visits to Cain too...
  2. Alakir

    Fable - Ask The Road of Condemnation

    The path from Vel'Anir along the Cortosi coastline was long, and it hugged the shoreline. When the tides went out, the path stank and some of the Guardsmen gagged and pleaded to march further inland. They were summarily denied. Alakir watched the moon reflected in murky waters as it slowly rose...