total eclipse

  1. Dingo

    The Syzygy The Syzygy: Rise of the Abyssal

    Months, weeks, days passed, and the moons of Arethil rose and fell, rose and fell as the tides of the world’s oceans obeyed their command. Carried with them, their whispers. Things some could hear clearer than most. Sounds betwixt the ears of so many souls, louder in those touched by magick...
  2. Dingo

    Completed The Triennial Syzygy

    In the Age of Chronicles Fall, 13th of Garda, 373 Within the halls of Elbion College The School of Cosmic and Astral Study Scholar Linolet Perinhome prepared for the gathered. Her heart aflutter as she paced back and forth in the narrow hall behind the stage. Maesters, fellow students...