the coven

  1. Asuego 'Susanna'

    Open Chronicles Reading people

    Rumours may be false, but plenty got some truth to them. And when you might hear that a bad omen is upon you, oh what could you do but find the weavers of fate to dispel the lies from truth. The ancient witch remained in a hut, small and haunted in a forest rarely explored by even the bravest...
  2. Asuego 'Susanna'

    Fable - Ask (The coven): Initiate

    Inviting all Daughters o the Leafsie Lord! Asuego meandered through their coven's cromlech. The forests' fresh green was a strong scent that relaxed the nerves, something important when communing with the lords of the pits. The young initiate to the coven was still unwise in the ways of the...