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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Riven Seawraithe

    Fable - Ask Torches Mandatory, Pitchforks . . . Optional?

    The sounds of camp echoed through the clearing at the edge of the Ixchel Wilds. Horses, the clank and clatter of armor, blades, and hammers, the smell of roasting game all blended together beneath the numerous pennants that flapped atop the pavilions. Each was colored in the insignia of their...
  2. A

    Quest In The Absence of Light

    "Belief is the strongest metal of them all." Books often have a way of being right, depending on the reading. Fantasy tales of a mighty stories to be followed. Paths. Destiny. A man can only deviate from his path for so long. But in the end, no one can run from their destiny, what they're...
  3. A

    LFG - Quest God's Executioners

    The Order of the Knights Templar Howdy! After some messing around in some "side quests", i finally got around to making some progress towards my guy's definitive development, which is something i left out of him initially. Aldren Cordale (to your left <==) is a 'would-be' Templar, ex Templar...
  4. Relan Shask

    Open Chronicles Rising Evil

    The Templars. It made the most sense. He had never met one, he had never even seen one. But he heard of them, of their (self) righteous plight against the undead, and all the unholy creatures of the land. Who else to hear firstly of what Relan had seen? He'd stolen a horse somewhere a few...
  5. Vendar Goldwater

    Private Tales A black bud

    Vendar stood near one of the windows that lined the walls, his eyes looking off to some far away place as he remembered all that had happend to bring him to this point. Already half a decade had passed since he first set foot near the orders central hub of operations. He could barely believe it...