1. Nidraak

    Suggestion Miscelaneous lore feature

    It was pointed out on the lack of development on lore that brings life to the setting. Cuisine, livestock, literature, customs, tradition, religion etc. etc... I think it would be a prime opportunity to include a section on the forum and/or discord which would weekly display a featured article...
  2. Nidraak

    Suggestion Correct terminology for species Wiki area

    Chronicles uses an incorrect form of distinction of species based on their intelligence. Sentience refers to an animal's ability to feel and sense their environment, the word is so broad it even encompasses every living creature seen with the naked eye from the ants to humans to the trees and...
  3. The Herald

    Staff Submitting Feedback: Please read

    Hello folks, We always welcome suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to use the "Suggestions" prefix and to annotate a suggestion or feedback with a new thread that you might have for the Chronicles RP Board.