storied clans

  1. Hazanko Miya

    Private Tales Wisps of White and Grey

    Old Village by Kingsley Calungcagin It was a gentle pitter patter of rain against the stonework just beyond the shelter of the tea house. Steam wafted up from the freshly poured cup of golden green brew. A syrupy confection there upon a plate beside the pot. Balls of gooey rice gum, colorful...
  2. Juusha Khuam

    Fable - Ask Pot of Greed

    The city of Sonshan, located on the greater island northwest of the Ra Gnamh Sea. The islands lay unnamed in most merchant's maps; a place that lacks a portal stone, with rocky landings and unwelcome shores. The locals call their island Da Gui. It is about mid-morning, late summer. A cool mist...