single scene

  1. Kristen Pirian

    Completed A Precarious Rendezvous

    In the dark of night, away from the taverns from which light spilled and patrons gathered, away indeed from the regular patrols of the city's night watch, an alley, nestled between a closed shop and a warehouse of goods close to Anir Square. Short enough, this alley, to where it would not be...
  2. Llewen Merrick

    Private Tales Llewen, the Last of House Merrick

    Along the old road, Llewen was travelling alone again atop his brown palfrey, Rosemary. The breeze awakened the pines, which swayed to and fro in a rippling cascade of green in the valley landscape that made up the lands of House Merrick, a virtually untamed patch of land stretching 380 acres...