1. Sierra

    Private Tales Dangerous Ground

    Sierra sat stiffly in the wagon with a cargo of wooden wine barrels. Gloved fingers tightened on the reigns of the restless mare. It was late, well past midnight. She was at a junction in the city. Not too close to the Academy but close enough that it kept her on high alert. Eyes narrowed...
  2. Henry Bauer

    Private Tales Under the Stars

    Sierra Snow-white sand caked the front of Hal’s body as he pulled himself ashore, coughing up water and gasping for breath. Blood flowed like a river from a deep gash in his thigh. Around him, driftwood and other remains of a ship floated onto the beach. Farther out, debris still floated. Only...
  3. Talus

    Private Tales Havoc on the Isles of Cortosi

    Cortosi Coast - Coraliv Talus looked out of the half broken window of the ramshackle cabin that lay in the harbor of Coraliv. Lips thinned as a patrol of heavily armed guards wandered passed, all of them glancing around at the sailors still going about their daily work. "Kressith. This place...