1. Solitude

    Private Tales Murder Plot

    “Damn,” Solitude said, looking at Yarrow as she made it inside a small chapel, the one deigned for them to meet up. “Am I that late? Have you been waiting long?” If it were any other person, like Dirty Diaz, Solitude would have waited a little longer outside just to make sure they were...
  2. Diaz

    Fable - Ask Fox Fangs and Wolf Wails

    "Shadowkin only?" Diaz growled. "How is that even a test of-" The old priest cleared his throat. Diaz sealed his mouth. His eyes hardned as they stood in the darkness of the chapels training ground. "If you hope to climb the ranks, young assassins, you must learn to imbue your shadowkin...
  3. Solitude

    Fable - Ask The Gloom Between Stars

    [cred] The sky was overcast with dark mists and clouds pregnant with rain. Humidity hung in the air, partly from the large lake beneath the moss-covered ravine. A much larger river must have ran through here centuries ago, but now only a humble river about the verdant greens covered the rock and...