1. Sorai

    Private Tales Behind enemy lines..

    "Take her - Go!" Her father's voice rattled her to the marrow. Her home, her life, was crumbling like wet sand and Sorai couldn't think of a time when she'd ever felt so afraid as she did right now. She could hear the anarchic pandemonium taking over Vel' Anir, the city outside her smashed...
  2. Talus

    Quest The Revolution of Vel Anir

    Smoke rose from within the Walls of Vel Anir. The tide of the undead had been turned, thousands of corpses lay within the streets and strewn across the plains around the Great Fortress City. A strange sort of serene quiet had laid itself out over Vel Anir, the silence that came with victory...
  3. Zana

    Private Tales Revolution is messy but now is the time to stand

    Zana scrunched her nose up at the smells that wafted down the street of Alliria and tried not to gag. Why anyone would choose to live in this city she had no idea even without her natural prejudice for Vel'Anir. The stench of rotting fish alone would take weeks to get out of her hair. She...