1. Kristen Pirian

    Private Tales A Precarious Rendevzous

    In the dark of night, away from the taverns from which light spilled and patrons gathered, away indeed from the regular patrols of the city's night watch, an alley, nestled between a closed shop and a warehouse of goods close to Anir Square. Short enough, this alley, to where it would not be...
  2. Kristen Pirian

    Letters To Alistair Krixus

    Dear Alistair, I have set up a talk between myself and a mutual friend of ours. My father told me something important, and I believe it may pertain to all three of us. There is only a slim opportunity for you, myself, and our mutual friend to meet. If you are in Vel Anir city this next week...
  3. Syr Galvanhad

    Knights of Anathaeum To The Pain

    The Northern Vale They had been traveling for hours, headed North on a quest of their own. It had been some time since Galvanhad had left the Monastery for this long, he had seldom left since he took on his role as teacher. The same could be said for his counterpart: Master Brambleshell. She...