1. Selene Avar

    Private Tales The Third Rung

    Vel Acadria Selene sat quietly in a grand throne like chair, it's plush exterior more comfortable than anything she had ever sat in before. The chair belonged to the Headmaster of the Academy. Stuffed with feathers and made of the hide of some sort of creature, Selene was almost entirely sure...
  2. Kiileet Glassdancer

    LFG Hurry! Hurry! Step Right up!

    COME ONE COME ALL! Where are the freaks? Where are the outcasts? Come and join our happy family! come and join the fellowship of brothers and sisters! The gathering of lovers, joy makers, showmen, tricksters, comedians, magicians and other lunatics like that! come and join us in bringing...
  3. V

    Quest Those Forgotten

    "How long has it been old friend? How long since we heard their screams? How long since we saw their tears? How long since we felt their terror." The voice seemed to ring in his ear, a sounding call that urged for action. He had heard it before. That voice, that call. It was so familiar, so...