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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Kjaran Mak Aodha

    Fable - Ask The Butcher's Bill

    Kjaran wept. He'd awoken with a start to find himself on his knees amidst the dead. Some of the bodies still squirmed and moaned, the sounds pitiful. The aftermath of a battle was a terrible thing. They'd left Ulrikstead two days ago, a collection of the local huscarls and mercenaries hired...
  2. Dianaimh Ui Muirgheal

    LFG An Open Hand

    Molthal continues to expand west of the Spine, clashing with the petty kingdoms and principalities in the wild northlands. Beset by marauding elves, ill-disciplined auxiliaries, and badly stretched supply lines, Molthal has taken a more conciliatory approach towards the larger settlements in its...
  3. Dianaimh Ui Muirgheal

    Open Chronicles An Open Hand

    Toirbheartan, Northlands, Southwest of Gulf of Ryt. Toirbheartan had started life as a defensive settlement. The town that had expanded around it was more accidental than intended. The walls had been pushed out to accommodate them but there was still a scattering of lean-tos and huts beyond...