1. Ivar

    Open Chronicles Aftermath

    Loth-Holm - Outer Blightlands Ivar wrenched at the hilt of his great-ax, forcing the half moon blade free with a sickening squelch of flesh. His head slowly turned upward, surveying the battlefield. Corpses littered the ground around him hundreds upon hundreds of bodies. He could see Orcs...
  2. Kol

    Fable - Ask The Coldest North

    Port of Aith There were no cities in the Lost Isles, not like there were in South. The most one would find within the land of the Nordwiir was towns like Aith. A few thousand of their kind gathered at most, small huts made of stone and bare docks crafted thousands of years ago with wood stolen...
  3. Kol

    Private Tales Children of the North

    The Tundra Malachi It was cold, brutal, and unforgiving. Yet it was here that Kol found his reprieve from the Lost Isles. The Tundra held no demons. It held no ice trolls attempting to take his head, no great frost wyrms constantly seeking his blood. It was a restful place for the likes of...