1. Kalianna Romane

    Open Chronicles The Dancing Illusionist

    There was a thick crowd moving through the square, common considering it was the main method of entering the Inner City of Alliria. It was an interesting blend of outfits and apparel; some wore regal fabrics and clothes, while others wore the common garb of a worker or craftsmen. The hollers of...
  2. Malachi

    Entertainment What are you currently listening to?

    Because music is a big theme and right now this doesn't quite fit in our thread for Fantasy roleplaying music. Figured we can have a thread to toss up just what is currently jamming in our tunes.
  3. Velaeri

    Discussion Character - Thread - Kingdom Theme Songs

    What music inspires your writing here on Chronicles? What songs do you use for your character's themes? A thread setting? Post them here and spread the love and inspiration. For Velaeri: