mercenary contract

  1. Tzuriel Alanthis

    Roleplay OOC Adventurers Guild Posting: From Alliria To Elbion

    Tzuriel Alanthis, of the Alanthis merchant family, Has posted a quest at the Adventurers Guild in Alliria to request an escort for himself and his trade caravan to pass through the wilderness, through the Aberresai Savannah to reach Elbion, then from Elbion to bring his trade and cargo to a...
  2. Joane Steelheart

    Open Chronicles Sands of Glory

    Amol-Kalit Joane wasn't even sure of the name of this town. It was one of the countless towns like it, ruled by its own small-king, managing its own affairs, and trying to ally itself with the most powerful of the seven cities. She wasn't sure which one of those was the most powerful either...