lycan rabies

  1. Asta

    Private Tales A Swim In A Pond In The Rain

    “I ain’t lyin’, Anna!” “Asta.” The woman corrected. Really, one would think that someone would learn to the name of a person carrying a giant battle axe on their back, but Otto was the sort of old man who couldn’t remember a name much less a face. It made his story about the were-weasels highly...
  2. Asta

    Fate - First Reply Finding Danger Before it Finds You

    [cred] The twilight sky brought everything beneath it in soft hues of blue and violets. Pneria, thank Kress, still had days before it would turn round and full with it’s ethereal blue light. The plans had given way to more of the rocky and expanses of mountain that were usually tied visually to...