kingdom of aetochi

  1. Hazanko Miya

    Private Tales Wisps of White and Grey

    Old Village by Kingsley Calungcagin It was a gentle pitter patter of rain against the stonework just beyond the shelter of the tea house. Steam wafted up from the freshly poured cup of golden green brew. A syrupy confection there upon a plate beside the pot. Balls of gooey rice gum, colorful...
  2. Juusha Khuam

    Fable - Ask Pot of Greed

    The city of Sonshan, located on the greater island northwest of the Ra Gnamh Sea. The islands lay unnamed in most merchant's maps; a place that lacks a portal stone, with rocky landings and unwelcome shores. The locals call their island Da Gui. It is about mid-morning, late summer. A cool mist...
  3. Hanae

    Private Tales Flowers are the Stars of the Earth

    Hanae loved spring. No season brought more joy to her heart than the season that was practically her namesake. For everyone knew, springtime meant one thing— or at least to Hanae it meant one big thing— flowers. And lots of them. The young woman was humming to herself as she tended to her...