foothills of the spine

  1. Elida

    Private Tales Something You Don’t Recognize but Remember

    [art cred] Early morning in the foothills of the spine, snow still coating the forest floor despite winter having come to an end. It had been a hard winter for the inhabitants that lived in the spine, game had been scarce and the freezing cold had reach new heights. Everyone was looking forward...
  2. Selene

    Fable - Ask Necromancy By Any Other Name

    In the hollow places between the forest and the Spine lies a sprawling steppe where many tribes roam but none call home. The wind whistled low through the bones of boulders. Rustling grass and dead, creaking trees added their rhythms to the accompaniment. Twin vultures circled far above and...
  3. Hector

    Fable - Ask Silver Blood at Daybreak