festival of lights

  1. Syr Cydonia

    Open Chronicles Festival of Lights: Illun Serath

    The Festival of Lights In the city of the moon elves, Illun Serath. The city sits at the source of the Sayve and Bystra rivers, in the foothills of the Spine. The denizens of the city, called moon elves by most, are distant kin to the nocturnal elves of the East, come from the same ancient...
  2. Selene

    LFG Festival of Lights

    PUBLIC NOTICE ANATHAEUM'S 376TH FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS WILL BE HELD THIS SOLSTICE IN ASTENVALE MONASTERY. Welcome all to participate in the merriment as we greet the new year. Admittance is free, though those respectable lords and ladies may pay a charge to have their memory stones set in fine...