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  1. Everleigh Ebersol

    Dreadlords Death Lotto

    “So, this is your first lesson to teach and it’s a game?” Proctor Goetsch asked Everleigh, raising a blonde brow. She had just finished reading the papers of the game that the poison eater had put together last night. Although, “game” was far too kind of a word to describe what Everleigh had...
  2. Everleigh Ebersol

    Private Tales A Friend for a Friend

    “Well, I guess it is tiresome to keep up the stockpile. He goes through them like a camel drinking water,” Proctor Palahniuk said rather reluctantly, staring up at the ceiling. Everleigh was quiet, giving the proctor some time to think things over before she spoke again. “I’d go with him to...