etiquette class

  1. Perrine Urahil

    Dreadlords Manners To Teach || Part II

    There had been dinner parties, wine tasting, food pairing, and greeting etiquette. The discussion of formal attire, proper etiquette of calling a visit to a home. Etiquette of drinking tea, and how to organise any function found in Vel Anir. Many listened, and a lot more participated...
  2. Perrine Urahil

    Fable - Ask Manners To Teach

    She heard it all within the past week of her arrival to the Academy; Initiates complaining that an extra class had been added to their schedules so late in the year. Even when it was announced Etiquette classes would not have any exams, it did not make many cheer with joy. Proctor Urahil did...