enshrined blades

  1. Ostrum Brandish

    Private Tales To Avert Time Honoured Doom

    Shuddering into existence from memories scant remembered, stone work did pull itself from the ether of time into the realm of the living and wilful upon this simple grassland, the ruined stone keep rising from the memory of the soil so blackened with blood ancient years ago. It bore the marks of...
  2. Lord Renly Drakenweald

    Fable - Ask KoA - Lordly Petitions

    “Everything I've worked towards is being undone. Everything. And now...this. This rejection.” Lord Renly ran his gloved fingers across the fold in the paper, sealing the letter with all the finality of the words that lay within. He placed it down upon the oak desk that was five times older than...
  3. Arlo Talworth

    Private Tales Of Knights And Magic

    A letter arrives at the doors of the Knights Anathaeum, sealed with bronze wax with the symbol of a blade. Within the following is written in flowing hand: To The Knights Anathaeum, Defenders of the Vale and the Ways of the Fae, Holders of Traditions Ancient, Nature Born, and Magnanimous...