1. Selina Altas

    Fate - First Reply Dreamscape Arena: Magical Duel

    A magical Grove, the kind created by an intersection of the magical laylines, this particular grove is formed by the intersection of three magical laylines. Everything that grows here and everything that lives here is magical in some way. The air is thick with magic, practically humming with it...
  2. Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

    Open Chronicles College of Elbion - Learning to Duel

    "Sparhawk, we're not so sure of this plan of yours." "Maesters, please. We have to prepare our students for the real world. We saw what happened at the Dreadlord tournment!" "Hmm...fine, Hawk. We will allow you to run your little class. But if anyone is grievously injured, the responsibility...