1. Nacht

    LFG Showing the New Kid the Ropes - RP Type: Depends

    Nacht is a bit of a strange guy, and has a dark, magical aura around him at all times. In truth, though, he's not spooky at all. In fact, he's just a kid no older than eighteen, maybe nineteen. Nacht is kind of childlike, and is excited to join the rest of his class at the Institute because he...
  2. Everleigh Ebersol

    Fable - Ask Odds and Ends

    The man known as the One-Eyed Devil of the Sea was really named Emil Hazelhurst. Hardly a terrifying name, it was no wonder that he preferred for everyone to call him One-Eyed Devil although in a few seedy brothels, he would let slip his first name. Tracking Emil hadn’t been too difficult...
  3. Violetta Amrita Primrose

    Open Chronicles Some Skin Just Won't Shed

    Western Falwood - Elvish Rebellion Display. Violetta had seen it before. It wasn't her fight in the end. She stood just a few hundred feet away from the show of it. Hooded and hidden from sight behind the trees, Violetta had hooded herself and dressed a bit unlike herself. Less motherly and...